At the beginning of summer I made a pact with myself and my family.

This was going to be my summer to enjoy, I mean really enjoy summer.

I vowed to paddle board at least twice per week and take time off and to be with family and friends. It seemed unrealistic, optimistic at best.

I shared my plans with our studio team and with their full support, modified the schedule and began to pack my bags. I feel so blessed to have a team that willingly steps in and covers all things Epic!

My yoga practice was a staple this summer. Certainly not an Instagram worthy practice, but one as essential as brushing my teeth each morning. It was super wimpy some days, barely evident others. Yet it was there, creating the backdrop for the rest of my adventures.

I began to see my yoga practice showed up in places I never expected.

The discipline of balance poses was evident during my dash to the restroom on a turbulent flight (the hazard of trying to hydrate during travel) … as the flight attendant told me I shouldn’t be out of my seat, I assured him I did yoga and could safely manage.  : )

Stepping onto a wobbly sailboat, I engaged mula and uddiyana bandha to steady myself…

When attempting to waterski for the first time in 5 years I was grateful for all of the chatturangas along the way…

I did deep ujjayi breathing when trying to load the rental car with 3 paddleboards, golf clubs, extra paddles, one husband, one daughter, food for an army, one sister and a puppy…

I came to realize, yoga is everywhere!

It’s not just a namaste bumper sticker, or showing up at a yoga class.

I could see the “yoga” in all of the little encounters of my day. It’s the union of my breath with movement. It’s showing compassion for the young Mom next to me on a flight and giving her baby a bottle for her when she needed help… PS… I am available to hold babies on demand. : )

The word “yoga” comes from the root word “yug,” which means “to yoke, or bind” … it’s union. Engaging with all of life. One pointed focus, fully present, and taking it all in.

I hope you found “yoga” this summer, wherever you may have roamed.