Sacred Space

Sometimes before I leave the studio at night I stop. I look at this space that was so full with people just a few minutes before, and I utter a tiny silent prayer. May this space heal. May this space inspire. May I serve and love as fully as possible. Then it hits me. This is sacred space. There is a whole lot of love in this seemingly nondescript box. I’ve heard stories of healing, hope and new pathways. I’ve seen tears, lots of them. Healing tears. Clearing emotion and pain held far too long. Held in the tissues and tight spots of the body. Finally… finally! Finally letting go, dissolving, healing. Creating fertile ground for dreams long held, but rarely acknowledged. Creating new possibilities in the physical body, new tiny spaces for joy to peek through and love to bloom. This sweaty physical practice is so much more than exercise. So much more than my Fitbit can ever manage to track or document. Just walk into this space and you’ll feel it. It’s sacred.