I was thrilled, and a little nervous to have an opportunity to share my story on A Breath Of Fresh Awe. They are a great site offering insight and awareness gained through yoga. I am pretty open, and don’t have a great filter, so I had no idea what would come out of my mouth or where the conversation would go in this totally unscripted chat.

You can listen here: https://www.abreathoffreshawe.com/podcast/

Leanne Woehlke… my story.

I have been on a quest for health and wellness for as long as I can remember. In 1998, I left a stressful job corporate job and travelled to India in search of answers and a deeper meaning in life. When I got there, I realized I could have found what I was looking for right at home. The problem was, my mind just wasn’t still enough, and I wasn’t listening, or asking the right questions.

My yoga mat has been a path to the center of truth. It has been my vehicle for self discovery for over 22 years.