Leanne Answers Your Questions

What if I am a total beginner?

No problem! Our classes are all levels, but you may feel more comfortable trying out a basics class first to get familiar with the postures.

What if I am not flexible?

As long as you have a flexible mind, you are fine. As Baron says, You have to be willing to show up and suck before you shine. Growth happens on the messy edges of life. Just show up!

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. Avoid baggy t-shirts that will fall over your head when you bend over. The studio will be warm, so no need for multiple layers.

What do I need to bring with me?

If you have a yoga mat, bring it, if not, we rent and sell them at the studio. Ask us about the differences in yoga mats. In this case, all mats are not created equally. You will also want to bring a towel and water.

Can I do yoga if I am pregnant?

Maybe. You will need to check with your doctor. We suggest our non-heated classes.

Should I eat before I come to class?

Typically, you want to avoid eating a heavy meal before class. Not much fun bending and stretching with a big burrito in your belly. You may want to have a light meal or snack an hour or two before class.

Should I drink water during class?

Yes, drink water as often as you want. Please also make sure you are well hydrated before class. You may also want to use an electrolyte replenisher like Gatorade or Ultima.

How often should I practice?

My teacher, Baron Baptiste says, practice 3 times per week for good results, 5 times per week for life changing results. Even if you can’t make it to your mat that often, show up and do your practice as often as you can. Your body and mind will thank you.

Will this be hard?

Maybe. You control the intensity of your practice. Our instructors at our Nashville yoga studio will offer modifications and variations suitable for all levels. Listen to your breath and choose the right option for you.