I love books, knowledge, learning, and anything that will help me to grow in my life.

I have spent thousands of dollars on personal growth programs, books and CDs. I’ve walked on fire, swam with sharks, climbed El Capitan and paraglided off a cliff. I’ve bought the best yoga mat on the planet and drank hundreds of ounces of wheat grass. I’ve done fruit fasts and juice cleanses. I’ve gone Macrobiotic, gluten free and dairy free. I’ve had special bracelets to balance my chakras, supplements to support various body systems and even a squatty potty… I’ll save that for another time.

I’ve learned Reiki from Catholic nuns, yoga from an Indian guru, and how to make an amazing raw chocolate tart from a natural foods chef.

All of this in my quest to try to improve my life, yoga practice, or health. I’ve travelled to the ends of the Earth, trying to find answers, bliss, God, whatever you want to call it.

This underlying sense that we must know more, do more, or be more to have the life that we’ve always dreamt of is total bullshit.

The truth is that you, me, all of us, are already enough. Exactly as we are, and exactly as we are not.

Soak that in for a minute….

Repeat after me, “I, (state your name) am already __________ (fill in the blank with something you need more of) enough.

Maybe it sounds something like this, “I, Leanne, am already strong enough.” or I, Leanne, already have enough money to live the life of my dreams.” Or maybe this one… “I, Leanne, already have enough time to live the life of my dreams.”  Or this one is a doozie… ” I, Leanne, already have enough knowledge to take my business to the next level.”

Whatever your “already enough” statement is, notice how your shoulders drop and your breath becomes fuller and more free.

Sure, you can still have a chakra bracelet, or whatever else you choose, but know that you don’t “need” it. Big difference… and so much more freeing!

From here you can go anywhere, but the first step is to acknowledge that you already have everything you need to live out your unique and wonderful purpose on the planet.

Feels good, doesn’t it?