“You are the future creators, the movement lovers, the default disruptors, the ordinarily extraordinary yogis, you are shaping our world. Celebrate the beauty of being out here with others. You are FIT to lead!” – Baron Baptiste

I have spent this last year as a participant in the Baptiste Institute’s FIT to Lead program. It was a deep dive into leadership, teaching, and personal growth. To say it was transformative would be an understatement. Sure, there were big “A-ha” moments, but the real gold lay just below the surface. I am sure there are changes that are barely perceptible, but will continue to ripple out into my life and the EPIC community for quite a while.

It’s been a year of growth, friendships and taking a deep dive into the Baptiste methodology. I’ve worked with this methodology for years, but this year I’ve looked at things from a new vantage point, I’ve rediscovered the methodology as brand new and am even more committed to bring it fully alive at EPIC. The truth is, the methodology works. This year we were invited to disrupt business as usual… to get curious about our defaults and to delve into the methodology.

I realized that I had no clue about things I thought I “knew”. The second theme of Baptiste Yoga is “Give Up What You Must.” I realized I had to give up what I thought I knew to truly begin to gain any new understanding. That’s one of the things I love about this practice. Even if you’ve been at it for 20+ years (or 2 weeks) there is always something to learn. So, my question to you is, “What are you willing to give up?” Maybe it’s time to give up a limiting belief, an old grudge, or a pair of pants that don’t fit. I promise you, this practice will give you access to more vitality and freedom.

In the coming year look for additional workshops and invitations to take your practice, and learning to a whole new level. Take a look at the Baptiste Institute’s event page. These programs will make a huge impact in your life!

Namaste! xo