My first Yoga Teacher Training Program was in 1998.

I had just moved to Philadelphia and was having a hard time finding the kind of yoga I had practiced and grown to love in California.

I tried to piece together a practice in my kitchen of the bits and pieces I could recall from my yoga classes back home. After flailing around trying to remember, “Was there an up-dog after that? Or was it a down dog” I decided to take a leap of faith and attend a yoga teacher training program in New York with renowned yogis Beryl Bender Birch and her husband, Thom.

Yes, that really was her name… I guess when you are born with a last name of “Bender” a career choice of becoming a yoga instructor is an obvious no-brainer.

I booked it at the last minute so the only housing option was camping… this has become a theme throughout my yoga teacher training journey. : )

As I set up my tent I remember thinking, “Am I even qualified to be here? …What if I’m not good enough?… What if I don’t know all of the postures?…. Will I be qualified to teach when I finish?” These and so many other questions raced through my mind.

I had a fantastic experience! I grew more than I could have imagined. Not just my yoga practice, but me, as an individual. I learned key points of yoga philosophy as well as pose alignment and assists to take a student deeper.

Since that first teacher training, I have continued this yoga journey for almost an additional 20 years. I’ve learned more about myself and others along the way. But my favorite part is getting to share this practice and develop teachers. That is what really lights me up!

If you are curious about Yoga Teacher Training, or wondering if it is right for you, please attend one of our info sessions, or fill out an application. Trust me, you will be glad you did. : )

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