Yesterday we sat outside of Bad Ass Coffee… yes, that’s the real name, enjoying a frosty coffee and waiting for our table for brunch. 

As we sat, a woman came out, said she was working on taxes. I had seen her inside at a table with a stack of AMEX statements, so I assumed she owned the coffee place. When I asked, she went on to tell me that she owned 4 businesses and a bit about all of them. Then she began telling us about her “gifts.”

At some point I made the mistake of asking a question…. my daughter, who is apparently much brighter than me, was kicking me under the table, in a sort of, “Mom… get us out of here” plea.

The lady rattled on a bit more about a project she was working on that was going to be big. Then she told me about an issue she had with the host of the show but that she was going to re-work the project because she owned the rights, and that the hosts “gifts” really were overstated and he wasn’t as “anointed” as she and the others. 

I began to check my phone, hoping our table would be ready. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the “woo woo” stuff, but this seemed a bit far fetched to me. 

I was asking, “Why would this woman cross my path?” What do I need to learn from her? 

Thankfully we got that familiar “ding” on my phone telling us our table was now ready. 

Saved by the bell!

The woman told me she would text me information to look at about her project. 

As we were seated for brunch, my phone dinged, three more times. The woman had sent me information about her project and then told me the name of the company and the guy she claimed “screwed up” the project… I recognized the name.

I texted her back, asking if it was indeed the person I knew. Then came the call and then the additional texts asking me not to mention anything to him, the person she had just bashed. 

I shook my head in disbelief as I read her message. 

The yogic principle of satya, or truth, invites us to speak and act with integrity. It’s about accurately stating abilities. Of giving credit where credit is due.

Obviously this is not a new concept, it’s found in many great religious and spiritual texts. 

I thought back to a conversation I had with Sr Ann Winters, during one of our EPIC Special Guest Talks. She is a gifted healer and also a Catholic nun. 

When I asked her about how she does what she does, she replied with such humility. With such integrity and without making it sound like she had put the Earth into orbit. 

She explained the energy comes through her, but it is not her who is the one doing the work. 

I love energy work, and all things woo wool, but I also value integrity and honesty. 

When brining in energy workers to our EPIC community I always do a bit of research and get to know them before I give them access to our community. I want to make sure that I am bringing the best, authentic, honest people to you.

You may have heard me mention that Stacy Novak is now offering Reiki for our EPIC clients. Stacy is the real deal. She is humble and honest and she knows her stuff. She is a certified Reiki master… that means she’s studied this for awhile and she knows what she’s doing. You are in good hands with Stacy. 

If you want to learn tools to support your own well being and wellness, check out our Reiki and Restorative events.