Today I was on a call with Leslie Kaminoff, who is like a Yoga Superhero in my book. Leslie has been practicing yoga for over 40 years and is the real deal. He is an expert on breathing and anatomy.

Today during the call he talked about 90% of all body complaints can be resolved by the feet. Yep, those tired piggies of yours that spend the better part of the day locked up in prison… uh, I mean shoes.

The feet are about creating a base of support for the body. If the foundation is not there in the feet, you will have problems further on up the line… in the knees, hips, back, shoulder. 

That’s why you will hear us talk so much about the feet in a yoga class. You have to have the foundation upon which to build. 

Without thinking about it, stand up right now. Now look down at your feet and notice… are they pointing straight to 12 o’clock? Or is one foot slightly splaying out? Or in? Is the weight evenly balanced on the feet? Front to back? Side to side? 

Although not as sexy, nor Instagram worthy, as a fancy yoga pose, the feet are essential to your practice. But even more importantly, to the overall well being of your body.

Come to a class this week to learn how you can create a strong foundation, from the ground up.

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