EPIC YOGA Assisting Team

Epic Yoga Assisting Team

DSC_0493“Lose yourself in the service of others.” – Gandhi

Maybe you’ve experienced that magical assist that allows you to take your yoga practice to an entirely new place. This program is for those who want to support someone else in their practice. To help another find the benefits of the practice and to realize they are capable of so much more, both on and off the mat. Assisting is a way to give back. Some of the greatest thinkers have said that the way to give one’s life meaning is to give to others. This is just one way to contribute to another in a positive way.

If you have completed an Assisting Program (Baptiste Art of Assisting, Advanced Art of Assisting, or a similar program or Yoga Teacher Training) you may be a good fit for the program.
If you have questions, email assisting@epicyogacenter.com.

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