Epic (adj) …an episode in the life of a woman/man in which heroic deeds are performed or attempted…of impressive proportion.

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Epic Yoga® – Nashville’s Inspired Yoga Tribe

Epic Yoga is a Baptiste Affiliate studio located in Brentwood, TN right off Old Hickory Blvd. We offer more than 30 classes each week, including Power Yoga, Basics, and Restorative classes. For those wanting more individualized instruction, we offer yoga personal training and on-site corporate sessions. We also regularly host workshops and teacher training programs for Nashville yoga instructors.

Through the practice of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, students learn to open their bodies, hearts and minds. Epic Yoga is honored to be the only Baptiste Affiliate Studio located in the Nashville, TN area.

Most of our in-studio classes are heated to around 92-95 degrees, our Basics and Restorative classes are about 80-82 degrees.

The definition of epic is “an episode in the life of a man/woman in which heroic deeds are performed or attempted… of impressive proportion.” This is the story of the birth of Epic Yoga… a big adventure to bring a powerful form of yoga to Nashville and Brentwood.

Our mission is to inspire, and empower each and every person who walks through our doors. We seek to empower and inspire through yoga, personal transformation and the power of community.

Live Inspired!

Benefits Of Hot Yoga At Our Studio 

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People of all backgrounds participate in yoga in one form or another. Some use it as a form of self-reflection, others enjoy the health benefits of yoga. If you’re a beginner to the world of yoga, you may wish to explore hot yoga as it offers too many advantages you simply can’t ignore. Our Nashville Yoga studio is the perfect place for a beginner yoga student.

Improve Flexibility

Yoga has been shown to help improve flexibility. Some find their way to a yoga class after years of running, or sitting at a desk. Tight hamstrings can cause low back pain and eventually make even tying your own shoes difficult! The heat in our Nashville hot yoga studio allows you to loosen up your muscles and reach new beginner postures safely without pushing your body too far. Not only will yoga help you feel better in general, but you will win major bragging rights with friends and family in the Brentwood yoga and Nashville yoga community.

Improve Spinal Strength

Yoga taps into the major and minor muscles in your body, including some that you often don’t use. Spinal strength, for example, is something that hot yoga is able to improve. With a strong and healthy spine, you will enjoy a longer pain-free life. At our yoga Nashville studio, students rave about the results they get from hot yoga.

Learn To Breathe Right

Taking your breathing seriously can help you with yoga. Without the breath, there is no yoga. At our Nashville yoga classes, you will learn a victorious breath which will allow you to let go of the worries and thoughts and relax into your practice to get the most out of your Nashville power yoga class.

Get A Healthier Heart

We all know that running a mile can give you a good cardio workout. Did you know that hot yoga can do the same? Postures where you need to contract your muscles and balance properly give you great cardio workout without ever having to leave the yoga studio! When you stretch and depress your organs in yoga, you also help speed up your metabolism.  We’ve had students wear heart rate monitors to compare calories burned in yoga classes, spin classes and running. Yoga won! A 90-minute yoga workout can help you burn up to 1,000 calories!

Detox Your System

We subject our bodies to many harmful substances on a regular basis, whether we want to or not. Hot yoga can help your entire body detox, including all of your organs. By working up a sweat, you end up sweating the toxins out of your system.

Learn To Focus

Yoga forces and teaches you to focus on the task at hand. By repeating the same poses at regular intervals, you learn to redirect your focus to the poses you’re doing at the time. For many people, this commitment also helps them focus better on tasks in their daily lives outside of yoga.

Help Heal Injuries

Hot yoga can help heal past injuries that have impacted your flexibility. Yoga can also help reduce, or prevent back pain. We had one student who said, “Yoga did for me what back surgery could not.” Conditions such as asthma and diabetes can be better kept under control when one practices power yoga at our Brentwood yoga studio.

Someone once said, “You are only as healthy as your spine.” Your spine’s flexibility determines your real age. You need a healthy body to work with if you’re going to live a long life. The practice of yoga can connect you to your inner self, as well as our yoga tribe at our Davidson County yoga studios.

Epic Yoga is a great place to meet like-minded people who are committed to leading a healthy life.  Hot yoga is a work out you need to check out! Already love yoga and want to take your practice deeper? Look into our Nashville yoga teacher training to expand your knowledge of hot yoga and receive a Yoga Alliance 200-hour yoga certification through our Brentwood yoga instructor training program.

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